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Maestro Kitchen by ETC produces high-quality durable wall panels of various sizes, shapes and designs.
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Custom-produced wall panels

Manufacturing exclusive furniture

Wall panels are a great solution for creating an original interior, as well as an effective way to decorate walls, which has many advantages. There are sheet, tile and rack paneling, that can be attached directly to the wall with liquid nails or adhesive. Also there is a special mounting system with the help of clips. Custom wall panels have a number of advantages over traditional finishing methods, such as wallpapering and decorative plaster. For example, with the use of the frame you can level out significant curvature of the walls without costly and time-consuming leveling with plaster. There is also some space between the frame and panels for hidden cables etc. Custom-made wall paneling offers you a great stylistic variety. Using different cover options, you can create a finish that fits into the classic, ethnic, modern or any other interior style. A wide selection of colors and materials is also available. Wall panels can be plain or patterned, smooth or textured. When you purchase ready-made wall paneling, you can often get materials from different batches, so the panels can have different shades. If you order the manufacturing of custom-made furniture, you will never face such an unpleasant situation.