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Maestro Kitchen by ETC produces custom-made office furniture. In our specialized furniture salons you can get acquainted with the assortment and interior gallery.
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Custom-produced office furniture

Manufacturing exclusive furniture

You can find ready-made office furniture in many stores, but many companies prefer to order individual projects. The main purpose of office furniture is to create a healthy environment, suitable for productive work. The furniture used at the reception desk, in the departments and manager’s office, performs one more important function: it creates a favorable impression of the company for visitors and customers. As a rule, office furniture is designed in a modern style with a strict minimalistic design. It should be ergonomic, which means that each piece of furniture has the most convenient construction and shape for work. Finally, office furniture is subjected to significant loads, so it must be made of wear-resistant materials and have a reliable, solid construction. Manufacturing custom-made office furniture has many advantages. For example, designing the work desks, you can take into account the area and layout of the office, number of employees, their type of activity and think about the desirable arrangement of furniture in the room. As for the cabinets and shelving, individual dimensions and equipment are taken into account to perfectly fit the things that are supposed to be stored there. The design and dimensions of the reception desk are selected taking into account the profile of the company, the flow of visitors, the specifications of working with them, as well as stylistic harmony with the corporate identity of the company. We are developing new modern collections of office furniture, taking into account the latest innovations and fashion trends of the furniture industry.