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Maestro Kitchen by ETC produces custom-made designer bathroom furniture, taking into account the over-all style and all individual characteristics of the room.
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Custom-produced bathroom furniture

Manufacturing exclusive furniture

You can buy ready-made bathroom furniture in many furniture stores or hypermarkets. But rather often the available models are not suitable for a particular room and do not meet customer's expectations. In this case, the best option for you is to order the production of an individual set of bathroom furniture. Pay special attention to the fact that custom-made bathroom furniture must be waterproof. Ordinary furniture for living rooms with a normal level of humidity cannot be used in such conditions. Custom-made designer bathroom furniture has several advantages over the ready-made solutions. For example, you can choose the material according to your preferences, adjust the budget, select the color, texture, as well as the general style that you like best. When an individual project is being developed, then all the needs of the house residents, as well as the specifications of the room itself are taken into account. For example, a corner chimney cabinet, narrow but high, will fit into a small bathroom, and a set of straight furniture along the wall is suitable for a large one. For rooms with a "warm floor" system, hanging models and furniture legs are preferable; in the rooms with no floor heating – basement furniture with a low bottom is suitable.